Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Irish Brewery Flood Relief

Simple Folk Contend as Situation Appears to Worsen

In an effort to be brief and Simply and Directly get to the point "We NEED Your HELP" !

If this doesn't tug at your heart strings nothing will.
This "award-winning" photograph of the recent flood waters risingin Ireland captures the horror and suffering there.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Income Report - Spring 2009

Home Income Report - Spring 2009

Home-Income safety net saves the day!

With so much economic gloom and doom out there today, it's refreshing to see actual government reports that validate what we forecasted in our Fall-2008 newsletter about home-income.

It seems that self-employed home-income is the single economic segment enjoying relative prosperity and growth. According to a March, 2009 report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis regarding employee compensation, employed workers salary disbursements decreased $29.9 billion in February, yet self-employed proprietors’ income decreased only 1.0 billion in February, compared with a decrease of 5.2 billion in January.

This is great news because it reflects a tremendous surge in new income created by people starting to work from home in record numbers.

Online Sales, Flash Survey - 2009.
More great news if your thinking about starting an online home business! Online Affiliates are reaping benefits of the recession by simply connecting buyers with online sellers!

According to an April 2009 survey conducted by Shop.org and Forester Research, 87% of large retailers reported an increase in their web sales! Plus, March 2009 saw improvement over January and February. Again, experts speculate that this surge indicates an increase in market penetration by online retailers. What does that mean to you? It means that now is the best time in decades to start an online business.

Ever been to a great movie, told your friends about it, and they then went to see it too? Or have you ever dined at a new restaurant that you really enjoyed and just couldn't wait to share the news with your friends and acquaintances? Who hasn't! And, it's likely that your recommendations resulted in new business for the movie theater and the restaurant. Wouldn't it be great if you could be paid for those referrals? After all, what you actually did was to connect buyers with sellers of goods and services. That dear reader, is how online affiliate marketing works using eBay, Amazon.com and other Internet giants. It is one of the brightest and easiest ways yet to create an income safety net for your family.

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They Said It Couldn't Be Done, Hah Marketing Brilliance or Sheer Genius

They Said It Couldn't Be Done, Hah !
Marketing Brilliance or Sheer Genius

This Is Just...
Your Chance to Participate
in a Feeble attempt to start a
viral campaign, to Demonstrate
the Power of Both The Internet
and the compulsiveness and
even the gullibility, of most users
that are found in todays society.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Niche Socializer - Or Mass Hypnotizer

I Just Got this EMAIL :

And HAVE But One Question: so READ ON

Niche Socializer is taking over.

The feedback so far for Niche Socializer has been nothing short of
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Move over Facebook! (And that is coming from someone who just loves
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Microsoft/Apple/Yahoo/Facebook/Twitter (oops..they already sold to
Google I heard...lol) etc etc when they offer you guys Billions of money.
Keep it all inhouse with all us members who will love you forever!!" Rob.

And there's more...

"WOW, I just wanted to say thank you for such a great piece of
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beautiful product." Marc

"Im really excited to get going. I have a million ideas in motion
and what has hit me is that one of my strengths is relationships in
general. Creating a social network...brilliant. Ok...sorry to be
gushy." Robb

"Hello, I purchased Niche Socializer and the bonus extra as well
yesterday on April 7th. I was taken to the members area and signed
in. I started watching the videos and am very impressed and happy
I was able to get in on this... Thanks" Muriel

"I have watched some of the videos (very user friendly & high
quailty). I am looking forward to watching the rest and getting
started." Cindy

Our doors are still open, but not for much longer...

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first I Quote
Now we have decided to make Niche Socializer more accessible to
everybody by introducing a three payment plan. Simply pay one
installment of $397 today and you can be up and running in under 10


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

47 New Turnkey Niche Money Making Websites! Perfect for Clickbank, Adsense and Amazon affiliate marketers!

47 New Turnkey Niche Money Making Websites! Perfect for Clickbank, Adsense and Amazon affiliate marketers!

These 47 brand new turnkey websites are easy to setup and configure and work for you to bring traffic and sales on auto-pilot!

Each website is optimized for search engines and ad placement. 95% of the hard work is done for you.

You get all the templates, graphics, content and admin panel ready to upload and start profiting.

Just add your affiliate ID’s and traffic and you have your own niche website empire!

Hot Niche Website topics include…

* Blogging
* Forex
* Fat Loss
* Wii
* Satellite TV
* And many more!

You also get detailed instrcutions on how to set them up and configure the sites. No MySQL databse required. PHP server required.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Copy The $783/Day Formula Earn Big Online? Free Video Reveals Copy This $783/Day Campaign Easy!

Dear fellow internet marketer,

Let me reveal a commonly overlooked truth ... and forever end the problem of information overload of "what really works" FAST. This is legitimately ALL you need to scale massive profits and here's why....

Up until now, the supposed gurus in this business made money by launching their "strategy ebooks," "software," and use "proof" screenshots of their launch earnings.

My associate Jamie and I have worked together for some time now..
Jamie is pretty well-known Top 100 client in the underground internet marketing crowd, but he's not a "guru" that makes all his money just by teaching others or doing seminars. He makes huge money with real PPC campaigns and a vast set of affiliate methods.

I had previously been a client of Jamie's through his first publication, TSAM. Don't get me wrong, I was making some good money, but still failing at some parts and getting no where near the earnings Jamie was doing.

... here's the SAD part. Here's the dirty little secret that the internet marketing coaching world doesn't want revealed.....

He took me under his wing for over 3 years and up until recently, I hate to admit it...
Even though I was a certified Google Adwords Expert, I lost over $77,200 on Adwords, SEO, banners, and other affiliate marketing projects. I hated the fact that it was lost even under Jamie's tutelage. Can you even believe that?

I mean here is a guy who is banking $94,133 a month. I read almost all of his courses showcasing how he does it. Yet, I STILL could not do what he was teaching me.

We tirelessly went over the way I operated ... compared how I was working versus him. We were clearly operating on two very different paradigms.

"Learning it" just isn't good enough!

I realized I was making the following mistakes while under Jamie's tutelage.... and you may be too so notice very carefully:
Not following exact blueprints 100% - If just one thing is off, Results will be much different than the person who is teaching you especially in affiliate marketing.
Not studying the EXACT examples that they have used for modeling their success. This is why e-books and most software are generally useless.
Not understanding the history of a niche or technique - this creates the downfall of a lot of people who do well for a while but then taper off over time.

It took me a few more months to internalize and accept that fact that these 3 mistakes were the cause for my past failures. There was so much distortion between what I was taught and how I applied it.

Now, back to my almost embarrassingly streak of poor luck....

I asked Jamie directly what was wrong with me... He was very helpful, but overall still too busy to really help me "learn" it to his level. At this point, I was PISSED ....

I flat out called him out on it.... "Why the hell did you not just reveal the whole campaign to me? Show me exactly what you're doing... c'mon!" I then said to him...

"Stop trying to give me a fishing pole,
just give me the fish - seriously!"

I turned and went my own way, kind of disappointed that he would only teach me but not reveal his own business secrets down to the 'T' in real-time.

I could understand. After all, they were his secrets.

About 2 months later, I received a strange phone call....

"Hey Lance, I got something for you. As a previous client of mine I took your word into consideration... and I decided that as my student, I think you should...
... plug in some of my campaigns."

I didn't believe these words came out of Jamie's mouth.

That same night, I literally ended up copying several of Jamie's successful campaigns and executed them flawlessly.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Earning Easy Income With Google Adsense Treasure

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